Some Pretty Crazy Places

You and I meet and talk together. We may be in my office, or on a phone session. We may be in our meditation group or we may be at the retreats in Rhode Island. When we meet I know this about you and about me; ". . . My experience is that even in the sanest of us, some pretty crazy places are present, and we become conscious of them the deeper we dive into our souls." Sandra Matri, The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram

I have that knowledge be a reassuring part of me. I have me be a feeling less alone part of me. I have me be a humble part of me. I have me not be an expert, but a person open to knowing the "crazy places that may be present" in you. I have me be a more courageous part of me and more willing to go to those crazy places both in you and in be. I can go there. And I feel like I can go there with you if you ever need to go there and visit that part of you for a while.

Pat 2/8/18