Bridging Our Inner Differences

with Patrick and Eileen Howley

Why is it so difficult to bridge our differences? Perhaps it is necessary to commit to deep self-reflection in order to see how our own inner divisions prevent us from getting along and working together. We might discover as Krishnamurti has discussed in most of his books, that, “you are the world” This workshop, demonstration and intrapersonal encounter is designed to provide all of us with an opportunity to do more of our inner work: Looking at our own biases; observing our judgments, anger and resentments; observing our own threats; itnessing our perceptions of our inner life; accepting our inner differences.

I have found that doing deep inner reflection, using a specific process to look at “how I do myself,” helps me to clear my mind, heart and soul so that I can be more present to others, even during difficult and conflicting situations. I wonder, what are my “hot buttons”, “prejudices”, “biases” and “judgments”? I reflect on my own perceptions, “uncover them”, “own them”, “wrestle with them”, and simply report them out to others, who become my non-judgmental witnesses until it becomes not so necessary for me to be so “fond of them” and more importantly not “so attached to them.” Finally, at times, I am able to release their hold on me. This session will invite you to do this inner work, trying on the process that we demonstrate. In this presentation, workshop, and encounter, Pat and his wife Eileen will share their experiences in facilitating a weekly meditation group where they integrate the work of Carl Rogers, John Weir, Krishnamurti, Ken Wilber and others. We will dialogue with each other exploring spontaneously our perceptions of how we are alike and how we are different. We will then invite you to dialogue with us about you and your perceptions of you. Come to the session with a willingness to explore a new language to bridge both our inner and external differences.

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