Percept Orientation

PERCEPT ORIENTATION Learning to orient myself in the percept world was about the greatest gift I have received in this lifetime. The 55 days spent with John & Joyce thrust me into a new way of viewing life. It revived and strengthened me on my spiritual path of self-knowledge and self-awareness. It strengthened my capacity to be present to myself and live more in the here and now. Carl Rogers had this deep capacity of presence. To experience it felt like entering another world.   As I talked with him just one time, for a minute or so,  in a room of 8o people listening in, it felt like for a moment that they all disappeared! There was only he and I, his eyes, and his intense concentration on what I was saying. I came away from this dreamlike event feeling  like I wanted to be able to enter the world of another as he did with me. But i gets in the way! As I learned to observe more this ego, my i shifts began to take place away from my ego to my Observer, Witness, Self. The more I do me that way I feel more present to others (and more present to myself). Percept language has been my developmental path to this realization. So I now stay with a question that Sandra Matri has talked about; what is my primary perceptual skew that forms a twist in my soul? I have found that to be a profound question for me to keep asking myself. That question helps me to shed more and more of the layers of my ego.