A Letter I wish I wrote when Joyce and John were alive:

Dear Joyce and John (Weir),

How many of the thousands of us who attended what we affectionately called "the Weir Lab" would say this to both of you? 

"I have you be the loving mother and father part of me"Where ever you are, I am so deeply grateful to you leading me into the core "parts of me."

Two of Patrick Howley's Journey Guides, Joyce & John Weir. From them I learned about many new "parts of me" and percept language.They gave me a much deeper access to my inner life and for that I will be forever grateful to their work.

Having a Catholic background I always would question my journey. A quote in the Catholic Transcript caught my eye one day, "The closer you are to your true self, the closer you are to God."

This quote inspired me to continue my journey despite my fears, the setbacks, and the pain.

My work with you Joyce and John, eventually led me to explore the work of Ken Wilber. One section of his book, Integral Spirituality, gave me such insight when he introduced me to Ramana Maharshi. I kept writing notes in the book, "this sounds like percept language, Weir lab, Joyce & John."

And so now J & J, I integrate meditation, percept, Rogerian compassionate listening, and attachment theory and because of you, I have me be a much more integrated part of me". When I am with other people I do me more and more having an attitude of "What's in it for the other person? rather than "What's in it for me?" Now I think a little more often What can I give? What can I do to make this person's life more meaningful, fulfilling, happy, joyful or peaceful?

More times now, that attitude is present in my. I hope, as I do more and more inner work that attitude will be my essence. 

-Patrick Howley, 2016