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Deep Listening Workshop: Skills for Development

Whether you are an Administrator, Instructional Coach or Curriculum Leader, your main role is in developing others. Each of us, by entering a profession such as education, enters a path of personal, interpersonal, and professional development. These developmental paths intertwine and in fact are interdependent. 

None of us can learn everything. As a leader, the work is transactional. That is, our interactions with the people with whom we work are essential for our success. To support that work, by becoming more aware of our perceptions and the perceptions of other, we strengthen our leadership. 

Through listening deeply we create trusting relationships where learning takes place in collaborative relationships.  
This workshop will be experiential, in a warm, inviting climate where you will have an opportunity to talk confidentially about concerns and perceptions about yourself, the work that you do and the work that you hope to do.