• Strengthening Your Personal Leadership Practices

All leaders know what the work is that they are supposed to accomplish—leading instructional improvement, managing human resources, fiscal resources and operations, and promoting healthy and productive school/district climate and cultures.  But it also takes effective personal leadership practices—the ability to act with efficacy, initiative and powerful strategy, to develop and implement systems of feedback and frames for decision making, to manage resistance to change and engage all members of the community, and to build and foster positive and trusting relationships.  There are many “how to” books on what we need to do, but very little guidance on how to go about doing it.  How we engage in leadership is what keeps us up at night, it is what increases our stress and can leave life and work out of balance.    

This introductory day of reflection focuses on the “personal leadership practices” necessary to transform your professional life through a personal lens.  Using the LEARN Leadership framework, a state approved tool for school and district leaders, this session will provide an opportunity to explore the “inner” work necessary to strengthen your leadership capacity and find your more authentic leadership approach.  

Goals of the session:

Results of the Workshop

Coming out of this workshop two things tend to happen:
You become more compassionate and therefore more understanding of yourself
As a result you become more compassionate and therefore more understanding of others. 
You see more clearly your own developmental issues. These insights give you a clearer view of what others need from you to enable them to grow and develop.

You become more aware of yourself, you have more knowledge of yourself, you know how and when to share more of yourself. When you can see more clearly your own areas of discomfort, an inner peace arises, motivating you to fearlessly take a firmer yet gentler leadership role out in your world.
Hence, the steps are: waking up, growing up, opening up, cleaning up and showing up!

It is a truly wonderous thing to be able to see so much more, to accept and love so much more, give of yourself so much more, and experience a deep inner peace in the whole process of living each moment.


To strengthen your leadership capacity to foster efficacy, initiative, persistence, and strategy; to give and receive feedback and frame your decision making; to manage resistance to change, and engage those you lead; and to build trusting and positive relationships with those that you lead and serve.

This highly interactive session will invite participants to share leadership challenges and the use of personal leadership practices that explore:

A.       Efficacy, Initiative, and Strategy: 

Demonstrating an urgency to continuously improve and a strategy for improving outcomes for all students. Consistently applying initiative and persistence to accomplish ambitious goals.

B.    Feedback and Decision Making: 

Developing and implementing systems that generate feedback for and from the school/district community. Using multiple sources of information when making decisions.

C.    Change Management  

Managing resistance to change and engaging the school/district community to maintain a consistent focus on high levels of achievement. 

D.    Communication and Relationships:

Building trusting and positive relationships with adults, students, families and communities to improve student learning.

The session will include

  • learning a “language” and process for self reflection, self evaluation and self determination 
  • Sharing of problems of practice; 
  • Learning the first stage and skills of meditation. 
  • Practicing feedback with one another

•Reviewing the typical stages of adult development that you can understand your teachers, parents and the staff that you lead. 

• An introduction to several tools to understand the difference in horizontal and vertical adult development.

  • Dialogue will be framed upon the personal leadership practices.

Session is designed for:  school or district leaders, superintendents, assistant superintendents, directors of curriculum, principals or other school leaders who want to build the inner strength necessary to lead. 

If you are concerned about creating effective relationships in your building, facing conflict and resistance between and among staff and parents; continually feeling a high stress level and worry about your health-- body, mind and spirit; or you feel fatigued and with low energy, then Strengthening your Personal Leadership Practices is for you.  If you are searching for growth as a person and leader, if you wish to engage in dialogue withother leaders who are personal growth oriented;  and you are willing to engage in a deeper self-reflection process, then this reflective experience is for you. 

The approach of this introductory day of reflection is influenced by/through our experiences with and the works of:  Joyce & John Weir; Carl Rogers; Bolman and Deal; The Courage to Teach, Parker Palmer; Eugene Gendlin; Ken Wilber; Michael Murphy; George Leonard; Junpo Kelly Roshi, Mondo Zen Teacher; and Dan Brown, Tibetan Buddhist, Mahamudra Teacher; The Tao of Leadership, John Heider.

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